Royal Pirates – 사랑에 빠져 (LOVE TOXIC) MV

Recently (like a month? ago), I got into ROYAL PIRATES: A band consisting of three members, Moon (vocals, guitar), James (bass), and Sooyoon (drums) (though James and Sooyoon sing occasionally as well~).

They’ve recently made a comeback with a new mini-album and so the music video for their title song, 사랑에 빠져 or Love Toxic, was also released as well!

by: Royal Pirates Official Channel

Although I would have liked the song to have been more rock (previous songs by them have been more hard) and less pop, I can’t deny that it is a really catchy song! And the more I listen to it, the more I’m drawn in by it until it just keeps playing in my head all day! You know, more in a good “I wanna dance” kind of way and less in a “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” kind of way 😛

And favourite part of the MV? It has to be the appearance of James and Sooyoon when Moon fails at catching the girl haha. Hopefully next time they can join Moonsanova instead of just being wingmen xD. Moonsanova, Jamesanova & (Soo)Yoonsanova! ~

Anyway. Please check it out & hope you enjoy! 🙂


[Trot Lovers OST] Ji Hyun Woo – 하루종일 (All Day)

uploaded by: Korean Drama OST I

I haven’t been listening to Ji Hyun Woo’s songs all that often as of late, but he’s still got it — the ability to give me wonderful feels with his songs! I just really love the melody and the buildup of the song and also that the chorus isn’t the exact same every time. It’s kind of like hearing the chorus with different emotions each time because of the way it’s sung and the use of instruments within each playing of the chorus all add something new to the song. It’s lovely~

Although the drama itself could have been better, it was still a cute ride and I loved that Ji Hyun Woo was able to show off some of his musical talents within the drama — it’s like advertising himself as a musician while acting! Win-win! lol. But I truly do hope that his next acting project will be more memorable and have a bigger impact. I feel like it’s because I’m always thinking about Kim Boong Do in the back of my mind and I just want him to take part in something that will make me forget about Boong Do. I need a writing and directing team that knows what they want, knows what they’re doing with the show and its characters and can execute it to near perfection (cuz let’s face it — there’s no such thing as a perfect drama). I just want him to find a character that fits him perfectly and that fans and viewers will love just as much as I love him. He deserves the recognition and to not be remembered as “that guy who went out with YIN” as I feel like that kind of overshadowed everything for a while o.o (just my opinion).

ANYWAY. Back to the song. There’s a nice instrumental as well, so give the song a listen!

uploaded by: korean pop

Tablo x Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

From: OfficialEpikHigh @ youtube

Tablo. I love you. That is all. lol.

No, I’m kidding. But not really, lol. I’m not really one that listens to much hip-hop/rap music, but Tablo and Epik High are a must! Ughhhhh I just literally have no other words for how much I love Tablo’s lyrics. I especially love the line, “They say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings”. And Taeyang’s voice just goes so well with Tablo’s at the end — it’s just wonderful~ When I first heard that falsetto as he said ‘dying’ I was just like damn. Love. It. And the fact that DJ Tukutz was involved as well! *thumbs up* (Now I just need Epik High to make an epik comeback. Their last comeback songs weren’t bad… but ‘Up’ wasn’t really my style xP)

And now that I have said all that. I must admit, that I never listened to Taeyang’s original version yet *hides* Although I do have a vague memory of seeing his comeback on a music show, but I can’t count that because I don’t remember anything from it …. 


So I had entered the Queen In Hyun’s Man giveaway over at Couch Kimchi and somehow ended up winning second place — meaning I had won the Queen In Hyun’s Man OST! And it just arrived today! Woot! Excitement overload especially because the whole OST rocks! All the songs are so good!!!

The pictures in the little booklet are so pretty and they’re giving me Hee Jin and Boong Do feels again!!! ㅠㅠ

photo 1  photo 2

photo 3


Their signatures are so cute ^^


A big big big thank you to tessieroo and Couch Kimchi *hugs**throws confetti*


‘Trot Lovers’ Script Reading



Can I just say that I’m not sure how this drama is going to turn out, but I am excited anyway because Ji. Hyun. Woo! Looking good oppa, looking good. I missed this face! Hopefully this drama won’t disappoint because Queen In Hyun’s Man was so awesomely fantastic, so I know there are great directors and scriptwriters out there that can work out a pretty flawless drama without using every cliche in the dramaland book. *fingers crossed* It’ll be hard for me not to think of scholar Kim Boong Do, but I am darn excited for musician Jang Joon Hyun — though I think anything that puts Ji Hyun Woo with a guitar will have me clutching my heart and screaming internally haha. I mean, they are giving him a guitar for this role, right? RIGHT??? /I can’t stop staring at his faceu/

(click below for some details about the drama)

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Mr. Idol


First post of the blog!~ Starting off with what I’d like to call a “not-a-review” review (solely based on the fact that I can’t coherently write a proper review of anything, so it’s like a review, but not really a review — just a jumble of thoughts/opinions lol).

Anyway. I’ve been in a ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ re-watching phase lately, which naturally is now bringing me through a Ji Hyun Woo phase now too! I didn’t really know what to start off with of his old projects (as I’d only seen him in QIHM, random variety shows, and some performances that I’ve found on youtube), but with some time to kill I thought I’d start off with a movie and just picked ‘Mr. Idol’.

(feel free to correct me if I misunderstood something or wrote something that’s a bit off or anything like that)

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